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Credit Programs & Degrees

Arts, Humanities and Communication
Delve into the worlds of creative expression and communication.

Business Careers
From the front office to the global stage, learn readily marketable skills in management, marketing and operations. Lay the groundwork for earning an advanced business degree.

Computer Information Technology
Master computer hardware and programming skills.  Learn computer aided drafting.

Education Careers
Earn teaching or child care credentials, seek advanced education certifications, and learn to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Health-Related Professions
Help people and animals live healthier lives.  Learn to treat  illness or injury.

Public Safety Careers
Begin a career in emergency service fields.

Science and Engineering
Explore new worlds through programs in the sciences and engineering.

Social Sciences
Explore the history and current issues of human cultures and the relationships of people in society.  Learn about political systems.

Trade Professions
From construction to automotive technology, we offer hands-on classes to get you started in the field of your choice.  Master skills in assembling, repairing and maintaining equipment in aviation, optics, electronics, computers and machine tools.

General Studies
Create a unique associate's degree

Transfer Programs
View a list of transfer programs

General Education Requirements