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About the PN Exit Option

Students may earn college credit and a Licensed Practical Nurse certificate at the West Campus. 

The credit LPN program is an exit option and requires admission to the Nursing AAS degree program.  Students who complete the first three semesters of the Nursing AAS degree program and choose to leave that program early may will qualify for a LPN certificate. 

Students wanting a LPN certificate must complete the required courses as listed on the Practical Nurse - Certificate web page.

Information on nursing pre-degree certificates, as well as important information on the admissions requirements, application procedures, and costs of a Nursing AAS degree, is available on the Nursing AAS web site.

Completion of the LPN certificate requirements at the West Campus does not guarantee the ability to obtain a license to practice nursing.  Licensure requirements and subsequent procedures are the exclusive right and responsibility of the Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN).   For more information on licensure requirements, contact the Arizona State Board of Nursing at (602) 771-7800 or go to