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Program Outcomes - Medical Laboratory Technician AAS

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Medical Laboratory Technician AAS program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Apply infection control and safety standards consistently.
  2. Distinguish laboratory test and results with appropriate follow-up.
  3. Analyze and follow action plans and lab procedure

Program Effectiveness Data

The MLT curriculum emphasizes higher level math and science, as well as critical reasoning skills for proficient formulation of oral and written communication.  The course content is designed to prepare our graduates to pass the ASCP certification examination. 

Outcome measures established by NAACLS (accrediting agency) for PCC’s MLT program are as follows for the past three years: 

  • ASCP certification pass rate:  100% of graduates have passed the national MLT certification examination. 
  • Placement Rate:  100% of all students who graduated from PCC’s MLT program were hired as an MLT or in a related field, or continued their education. 
  • Graduation Rate: 92% of PCC’s MLT students who entered the second half of the program graduated with an AAS MLT from PCC.