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Program Costs

These costs are approximate.  Additional fees may apply.

Total program cost is estimated at $7,500 (approximately $6,100 for in-state tuition for preparatory and MLT courses, plus $1400 for fees). 

The MLT coursework portion of the total program cost is estimated to be $4,800 including in-state differential tuition, lab fees, fingerprint / DPS clearance, and drug screening. 

There are other miscellaneous expenses which vary according to clinical assignment (site on-boarding fees, badges, uniforms, etc.), student insurance (physicals, immunizations, etc.), text books (new, used, electronic, etc.), and other factors.  These additional costs can range from $500-$2000. 

Local employment programs and grants, such as Job Path (email:  or Pima County One Stop and HPOG  have financially assisted many MLT students.  Contact these programs directly to schedule an eligibility interview.  PCC's financial aid office also has options for tuition assistance.

Additional information on tuition can be found on the Paying for School web page.  The tuition you pay is determined by whether or not you are an in-state resident or a non-resident.  Differential tuition rates apply to some programs.  Refer to the schedule of classes for additional course fees.