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Program Outcomes - Clinical Research Coordinator Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Clinical Research Coordinator Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Outline the overall conduct of a typical clinical trial
CRC 101, CRC 230
2. Discuss the ethical considerations in the overall conduct of a clinical trial
CRC 101, CRC 201, CRC 230
3. Perform the Informed Consent Process
CRC 250, CRC 291
4. Identify the regulatory aspects of the Informed Consent
CRC 101, CRC 201
5. Describe the Investigational Product Development and approval process
CRC 101, CRC 201
6. Identify professional research associations and review their respective associations with a research site
CRC 101, CRC 201, CRC 250
7. Manage medical records upholding the privacy and security regulations
CRC 250, CRC 260IN, CRC 291
8. Identify the key aspects of a clinical research Protocol and Investigator Brochure
CRC 101, CRC 230
9. Use computer programs commonly found in a research facility
CRC 250, CSA 101
10. Obtain specimens for diagnostic evaluation and testing
CRC 260IN, CRC 291
11. Describe the structural organization of the body
CRC 240, CIO 160IN
12. List the indications for use, dosage forms, generic and trade names for commonly used medications
CRC 240, CRC 291
13. Perform a mock clinical trial
CRC 250
14. Obtain critical thinking skills necessary for a successful career as a CRC
MAT 122
15. Obtain professional skills necessary for a successful career as a CRC
WRT 101, SPE 120, CRC 260IN, CRC 291