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Humanities, Social Sciences, Leadership and Ethics

Complete two courses (at least six credits) from two of the three categories listed below.  One of the courses must have either the Cultural Diversity (C) or Global Awareness (G) designation.  Courses may not be used to complete more than one category.

Specific certificates may require core or support courses that already fulfill these requirements. 

Important: Always consult your specific certificate program display to identify the courses required to earn a certificate.

Humanities and Fine Arts Category

Any course from the AGEC Art list,

Any course from the AGEC Humanities list or LIT 174*,

Any course from the AGEC Other Requirements Options:  Second Language list

One of the following conversational language courses: FRE 106, FRE 107*, SPA 106, 107, 121*, 122*, 203 (G), 204; THO 106*, 107*

Social and Behavioral Science Category

Any course from the AGEC Social/Behavioral Sciences list or International and Multi-Cultural Studies list

Leadership and Ethics Category

* No longer offered but will fulfill the requirement.