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Analysis and Critical Thinking

2017-2018 programs.  
See CTE General Education Requirements for 2018-19 programs.
See an advisor for assistance.

Specific degrees and certificates may require core or support courses that already fulfill these requirements. 

Important: Always consult your specific degree or certificate program display to identify the courses required to earn that degree or certificate.

To fulfill this requirement, follow the steps below.

1.  Achieve Basic Math Competency

    • Any of the following cut scores on a Mathematics placement test*:
      • 85 or higher on the Accuplacer Elementary Math
      • 40 or higher on the Accuplacer College Level Math
      • 41 or higher on the Asset Elementary Algebra
      • 32 or higher on the Asset Intermediate Algebra
      • 32 or higher on the Asset College Algebra
      • 41 or higher on the Compass Math Algebra
      • 31 or higher on the Compass College Algebra


    • Complete MAT 092, 095 or 097 with a "C" or better*


    • Complete Module 26 or higher in MAT 089A/089B*


    • Complete 1 to 3 credits with a "C" or better from the Mathematics Category listed below

* NOTE: Credits earned in MAT 092, MAT 095, MAT 097, or Module 26-35 in MAT 089A/089B WILL NOT apply to general education, but completing one of these courses meets the math competency.

2.  Complete at least 6 credits from the courses in the categories below.  At least one course must be completed from the Science or Critical Thinking categories.

NOTE: Some program core or support courses may fulfill one or more of these categories - see your specific degree program display.

Mathematics Category

Science Category

Critical Thinking Category

* No longer offered, but will fulfill requirement.