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CTE General Education

CTE (Career and Technical Education) general education requirements are listed below.  These requirements apply to Associate of Applied Science and Associate of General Studies.

Important: Always consult your specific degree program display to identify the courses required to earn a degree.  Specific degrees may require core or support courses that already fulfill these requirements. 

When selecting the courses below, one course must include either the Cultural Diversity (C) or Global Awareness (G) designation.

CTE General Education Categories

CTE Communication

3 credits from the CTE Communication List

CTE Arts & Humanities

Select 3-4 credits from any of the following lists

CTE Social & Behavioral Sciences

Select 3 credits from the AGEC & CTE Social & Behavioral Sciences List

CTE Mathematics and Science

Select 3-4 credits from the CTE Mathematics and Science List

CTE Other Requirement

Program faculty designate an additional 3-4 credits from one of the categories above, CIS/CSA 104, CIS 120, JRN 101, WRT 102 or the AGEC & CTE Oral Communication List.