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Program Outcomes - Executive Assistant AAS

Upon successful completion of the Executive Assistant AAS degree program, the learner will be able to:

1. Read, identify, and prepare standard types of business documents
CSA 120, OAP 171, BUS 220, CSA 101, OAP 251
2. Demonstrate appropriate technological skills in basic business software: word processing, spreadsheets, database, as well as using the Internet as a research tool.
CSA 120, CSA 110, CSA 170 CSA 101
3. Use appropriate office procedures as related to workforce behaviors, communication essentials, records and financial management, professional responsibilities and growth.
OAP 171, STU 200, MKT 100, OAP 251
4. Demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts of law, ethics and corporate responsibility in business, the impact of laws on businesses decisions.
BUS 220
5. Demonstrate mathematical and accounting skills including computerized applications.
ACC 100, ACC 215, BUS 151, CSA 110
6. Communicate effectively using written and oral communication skills.
OAP 151, OAP 251, WRT 101
7. Demonstrate an understanding of management and supervision principles as they apply to a business office setting.
MGT 110, MGT 122, STU 200
8. Demonstrate an understanding of general business principles as they apply to a business office setting.
BUS 100
9. Utilize computer applications for appropriate business analysis, presentations, and reports.
MGT 270
10. Identify good customer service skills for both internal and external customers
MKT 100, OAP 171, MGT 110
11. Demonstrate an understanding of current models and best practices in operating a small business.
MGT 124, STU 200
12. Demonstrate appropriate critical thinking
STU 200, OAP 171, MGT 124, MKT 100, MGT 110, MGT 122
13. Obtain professional skills necessary for a successful career through both classroom and practice-oriented experiences by partnering with the local business community. 
OAP 199, OAP 199WK