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Program Outcomes - Fashion Design Certificate

Upon successful completion of the Fashion Design certificate program, the learner will be able to:

1. Construct garments and evaluate methods of production for custom and commercial operations.
FDC 110, FDC 111, FDC 211
2. Develop a career plan utilizing knowledge of global fashion business and textiles.
FDC 141
3. Develop patterns for successful garments by flat pattern hand drafting, draping method, or computer aided pattern drafting methods.
FDC 121
4. Fit custom clothing, costume for theater and develop concepts of fit for retail clothing.
FDC 110, FDC 111, FDC 211
5. Apply technological developments in fashion and apparel.
FDC 110, FDC 111, FDC 121, FDC 122, FDC 126, FDC 141 , FDC 144, FDC 211, FDC 288