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Credit Courses

Pima offers credit courses in a wide variety of subjects. 

Browse credit courses by subject, then use the Schedule of Classes links to determine when courses are offered. 

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Courses, degrees and certificates are managed by PCC Divisions.  Find contact information by course prefix.

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A - B

ACL Academic and Critical Literacy
ACC Accounting
AJS Administration of Justice
AGR Agriculture
AIS American Indian Studies
ASL American Sign Language (formerly SLG)
ANT Anthropology
ARB Arabic
ARC Archaeology
APD Art for Personal Development
AST Astronomy
AIT Automated Industrial Technology (formerly MCT)
AUT Automotive Technology
AUV Autonomous Vehicles
AVM Aviation Technology
ATT Avionics Technician Training
BHS Behavioral Health Services
BIO Biology
BCT Building and Construction Technology
BUS Business


CPD Career and Professional Development
CHM Chemistry
CDA Childhood Development Associate
CHI Chinese
CRC Clinical Research Coordinator
CMN Communication
CAD Computer Aided Design
CIS Computer Information Systems
CSI Computer Science/Industry  [National Programs]
CSA Computer Software Applications
CCR Construction Core  [National Programs]
CSM Crime Scene Management
CUL Culinary Arts

D - E

DNC Dance
DAE Dental Assisting
DHE Dental Hygiene
DLT Dental Laboratory Technology
DAR Digital Arts
ECE Early Childhood Education
ECN Economics
EDC Education - General/Post-Degree
EDU Education
ESE Education - Special/Post-Degree
ETT Educational Technology Training
ELE Electrical  [National Programs]
EUT Electrical Utilities Technology
EMT Emergency Medical Technology
NRG Energy Development
ENG Engineering
ESL English as a Second Language

F - G

FDC Fashion Design and Clothing
FIN Finance
FSC Fire Science
FSS Fitness and Sports Sciences
FAW Fitness and Wellness
FSN Food Science and Nutrition
FRE French
GAM Game Design
GWS Gender and Women's Studies
GTW General Technical Writing
GTM General Technology Mathematics
GEO Geography
GLG Geology
GIS Geospatial Information Studies
GER German
GLS Global Studies

H - I

HCA Health Care
HCE Health Continuing Education
HED Health Education
HIT Health Information Technology
HIS History
HON Honors Program
HRM Hotel and Restaurant Management
HRS Human Resources Management
HUM Humanities
ICT Industrial & Commercial Technologies
IMO Industrial Maintenance
IMT Industrial Maintenance  [National Programs]
ITB Information Tech - B  [National Programs]
ITC Information Tech - C  [National Programs]
ITD Information Tech - D  [National Programs]
ITE Information Tech - E  [National Programs]
ITF Information Tech - F  [National Programs]
ITL Information Tech - L  [National Programs]
ITM Information Tech - M  [National Programs]
ITU Information Tech -U  [National Programs]
ICS Integrated College Skills
ITP Interpreter Training

J - M

JPN Japanese
JRN Journalism
KOR Korean
LTP Landscape Technician Program
LEN Law Enforcement
LEA Law Enforcement Academy
LIS Library & Information Science
LIT Literature
LGM Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MAC Machine Tool Technology
MGT Management
MKT Marketing
MAT Mathematics
MCT Mechatronics  (now AIT)
MDA Medical Assistant
MLT Medical Laboratory Technician
MAS Mexican American Studies
MUS Music
MUP Music Studio Instruction

N - P

NGT Natural Gas Technology
NRS Nursing
NRA Nursing Assistant
PAR Paralegal
PHT Pharmacy Technology
PHI Philosophy
PHB Phlebotomy
PHY Physics
POS Political Science
PSY Psychology
PWS Public Works Supervisor  [National Programs]

Q - R

RAD Radiologic Technology
REA Reading
REL Religion
MLA Reserve Officers Training Corps - ROTC Air Force
MLS Reserve Officers Training Corps - ROTC Army
NSP Reserve Officers Training Corps - ROTC Navy
RTH Respiratory Therapy

S - T

SCT Science for Teachers
SLG Beginning Fall 2016 Sign Language becomes: ASL American Sign Language
SSE Social Services
SOC Sociology
SLR Solar Technologies
SPA Spanish
SPE Beginning Fall 2016 Speech Communication becomes: CMN Communication
STU Student Success
SGT Surgical Technology
STP Sustainable Technology [National Programs]
TEC Technology
THE Theater
TMA Therapeutic Massage
TRS Translation and Interpretation Studies
TVL Travel Industry Operations
TDT Truck Driver Training

U - Z

VET Veterinary Technology
WED Wellness Education
WLD Welding
WLN Welding  [National Programs]
WRT Writing
YAQ Yaqui