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College Catalog

The complete College Catalog is available to view, search or download. Use the Bookmarks feature to quickly find the sections you need. 

Complete 2015-16 College Catalog   

  2015-2016 College Catalog

  Addendum to the 2015-2016 College Catalog


Individual Sections of the 2015-16 Catalog

  • Narrative: Information about admissions, costs, financial assistance, educational options and more [Pages 1-69]
  • Programs: Description of College degrees and certificates [Pages 70-281]
  • Courses:  List of courses with prerequisites and co-requisites [Pages 282-605]
  • Other Educational Programs:  Workforce Response, Apprentice-Related and Center for Training and Development program information [Pages 606-625]
  • Index:  [Pages 639-648]