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Class Schedules

Ready to start planning your class schedule?   Pima’s online class schedules allow you to easily find when and where classes are offered.  Credit class schedules are posted one month before the beginning of registration for that semester. Other class schedules are posted annually.

View Class Schedules

  • Credit Class Schedules - credit Fall, Spring and Summer semester class schedules
  • Full-Academic Year Credit schedule - Selected classes, often for special programs, that are scheduled to begin and end throughout the academic year
  • CEU Class Schedule - Noncredit Professional / Continuing Education Unit (CEU) classes for professional development and career advancement
  • Noncredit Class Schedules - Noncredit personal interest and professional development courses as well as courses for kids and teens

Registration Deadlines

Beginning Spring 2015 semester the registration deadline for classes is the day before the session begins (16-week session, 14-week session, 1st 8-week session, etc.).  The Registration Deadlines webpage provides details and has a helpful FAQ.

Online Classes and Out-of-State Students

Learn about restrictions on the online courses and programs that Pima can offer to out-of-state students.

Need Help Scheduling Your Classes?

College advisors can help you with class selection.