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Program Admission - RN Refresher

Applying for Program Admission

The RN Refresher program requires a special program application through the Center for Training and Development. The following basic requirements must be fulfilled before students may begin the application process.  Students must:

  • Obtain an Arizona Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Card.
  • Pass a urine toxicology screening exam.
  • Have passed the NCLEX-RN
  • Be able to perform a number of physical activities in the clinical portion of the program.  At a minimum, a student will be required to lift patients, stand for several hours at a time and perform bending activities. The clinical nursing experience also places students under considerable mental and emotional stress as they undertake responsibilities and duties impacting patients’ lives. A student must be able to demonstrate rational and appropriate behavior under stressful conditions. The student should give careful consideration to the mental and physical demands of the program before applying for program admission.

How to Apply

Students interested in the RN Refresher Course must contact the nursing department at 520-206-5140 or 520-206-6661 to get more details about this course.

RN refresher candidates must:

  1. live in the greater Tucson and surrounding areas
  2. successfully pass the NCLEX-RN prior to enrollment
  3. be eligible for at least temporary licensure in Arizona in order to complete the required preceptorship hours.