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Medical Records Technician Billing and Coding

Career Training Certificate

Learn the office skills needed to work with medical records. This program begins monthly.  Complete this program by taking classes exclusively on weekdays.  Contact the Program Coordinator for information on possible evening or weekend classes.

Note: This is a clock-hour, non-credit certificate offered through the PCC Center for Training and Development.

Before enrolling in this program, you must complete certain requirements.

What can I do with this certificate?

Career Options: Seek employment in a medical office or the medical records unit of a clinic or medical facility.

Academic Options: Continue your studies by completing additional certificates or work toward an associate's degree in Health Information Technology.

Gainful Employment Disclosure 

Program Requirements

Required Modules

Module # Title Hours
BO 701B Document Formatting for Medical Office Specialist 40
BO 709 Microsoft Word I 25
BO 710 Business Office Practices 34
BO 710B Office Practice for Medical Office Specialist I 73
BO 710C Office Practice for Medical Records Technician 31
BO 710D Office Practice for Coders 5
BO 710G Office PracticeS for Business 34
BO 713 Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy I 18
BO 718 Microsoft Excel I 35
BO 719 Microsoft Access I 35
BO 725 Health Care Statistics 30
BO 730 Quality Management 30
BO 750 Keyboard Operator 80
BO 760 Microsoft Windows 30
BO 800 Business English 20
BO 809 Microsoft Word II 60
BO 813 Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy II 48
BO 814 Intermediate Diagnostic Coding 70
BO 815 Intermediate Procedural Coding 70
BO 816 3M Computerized Medical Coding 30
BO 818 Computerized Patient Accounting 30
BO 828 Electronic Medical Records (EMR) 90
BO 909A Microsoft Word IIIA 15
BO 915 Advanced Procedural Coding 40
BO 992 Medical Office Externship 120
Total 969