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For Employers

PCC knows that as a local employer, you need your staff to attain basic skills, as well as knowledge specific to your industry and organization. We work closely with you to fill that need in the most timely and effective way possible. Our Adult Basic Education for College and Career (ABECC) Workplace Education Program (WEP) provides customized on-site basic skills training.

WEP works closely with you to establish goals and priorities. Instructors are available to conduct job-task analyses to determine what skills your workers need in order to perform their jobs effectively.

We hold classes on-site at your workplace, which can minimize the time you and your employees invest. Most employees regard this opportunity to grow in their job skills as a valuable benefit. Employers usually give employees some release time from their regular work schedules or provide other incentives to attend courses.

Courses that are offered include:

  • English Language Acquisition for Adults (ELAA)
  • Basic Skills in Math, Reading & Writing
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) test preparation
  • College Readiness
  • Workforce Readiness
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
  • Study Skills and Test Success
  • American Culture / Accent Reduction
  • Writing Success
  • Contextualized Classes such as Fast track to Health Math, Math for Electronics and ELAA for Manufacturing (as well as other industries).
To find out more contact 520-206-6500.