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National, State Academic Honors for Pima Students

March 7, 2019

Tucson, AZ – A dozen Pima Community College students were honored at a luncheon on Feb. 27 for their inclusion on the Phi Theta Kappa’s 2019 All Arizona Academic Team. Half of them also have gone on to win additional national awards and scholarships from the PTK program.

They are Uneek Armenta, Chantel Coon, Elizabeth Edwards, Mohamed Enjai, Gregory Frank, Ilse Grijalva, Andres Mendoza-Mada, Hannah Parr, Yara Saltzberry, Elinor Skinner, Rochelle Walker and Sara Wilson. Also honored by the program (but not at the luncheon) was Pima Workforce Development student Nina Nardolillo.

Community college students from around the state are selected each year for academic achievement, leadership and service to the community. All PCC team members receive scholarships from Pima Community College, as well as two-year Arizona Board of Regents tuition waivers for any Arizona public university. Six of PCC’s 12 All-AZ students also won awards and scholarships at the national level with one selected to the All-USA Academic Team (top 20 in the nation), two selected as Gold Scholars (top 50 in the nation), three as Bronze Scholars (top 150 in the nation) and one as an Oberndorf Scholarship recipient (top 15 in the nation).

PCC’s First Team awardees were:

Elizabeth Edwards

Edwards plans to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology at Arizona State University to become a research psychologist while continuing advocacy projects for mental health awareness and support for victims of domestic violence. (All-USA Academic Team)

Gregory Frank

Frank plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering at Arizona State University and become an engineer involved in propulsion systems development. His short-term goal is to work in a major aerospace company involved in rocket technology and then become an entrepreneur to contribute to the colonization of Mars. (Bronze Scholar)

Ilse Grijalva

Grijalva’s career goal is to become a registered nurse by earning Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Nursing at Arizona State University. She believes it is important to take action in caring for people whether it is in a hospital, college or in the community. (Gold Scholar)

Yara Saltzberry

Saltzberry plans to become a pharmacist by earning a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science and a doctorate in pharmacy at the University of Arizona while continuing to be involved in community nonprofit and STEM education activities. (Gold Scholar)

Rochelle Walker

Walker plans to transfer to the University of Arizona in the 3+3 BA/JD program, which offers the opportunity to achieve a four-year bachelor’s and a law degree (Juris Doctor) in six years. Her goal is to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. (Bronze Scholar)

Sarah Wilson

Wilson plans to transfer to the University of Arizona in the spring to attend the Eller College of Management. Her aspiration is to achieve a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in marketing, minoring in biology. She would like to work in the medical field to help regulate medical devices and continue working with animals and veterans.

Second Team Awardees were:

Uneek Armenta

Armenta’s plan is to earn a bachelor’s degree in retailing and consumer science and a minor in fashion at the University of Arizona and then work in the fashion industry as a stylist or merchandiser. Her goal is to tackle social issues in her community including body image, sexualization of women and children and the unrealistic standards set for men and women by the fashion industry. 

Chantel Coon
Coon plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. (Oberndorf Scholarship)

Mohamed Enjai

Enjai plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems/networking and Cyber security and a master’s degree in cybersecurity and digital forensics at Arizona State University. His goal is to become an IT expert while continuing to help fight cybercrimes and educate the public about cyber security awareness.

Andres Mendoza-Mada

Mendoza-Mada plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in special education and a master’s degree in administration at Arizona State University to become a special education teacher while continuing projects to help students with special needs succeed in and out of the classroom.

Elinor Skinner

Skinner plans to earn a bachelor's degree in animation and architecture to become an animated movie director in Japan to inspire others through her storytelling. As an architect, she wants to build people's dream homes and businesses with continued dedication to projects related to mental health, cultural events and to those who have difficulty making ends meet. 

The Third Team Awardee was:

Hannah Parr

Parr plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in law and a Juris Doctorate degree at the University of Arizona to become a lawyer. After graduation, Hannah would like to pursue a career in family law. She is interested in helping those who have been wrongfully convicted and would like to help local communities with addicted youth.

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