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PCC Offers Scholarships for Lowest-level Developmental Education Classes

August 15, 2013

 Prep Academy Has Ended, Provost Notifies Board

Tucson, AZ – Pima Community College will offer scholarships to students enrolled in its lowest-level Developmental Education courses in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

The classes – Reading Fundamentals (REA 071), Basic Mathematics (MAT 082) and Developmental Writing (WRT 070) – are an option for students who would have been recommended to enroll in the PCC Prep Academy, which no longer exists, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. Jerry Migler said at yesterday’s Regular Meeting of the PCC Governing Board.

The scholarships will cover in-state tuition and course fees for the three courses and are available for the 2013-2014 academic year to any student enrolling in the classes, Dr. Migler said.

PCC will fund the scholarships through remaining funds from another scholarship account. A lower-than-expected number of students qualified for the other award, leaving funds available for use.  “We are not taking scholarship money from anyone,” Dr. Migler said. “We are using money that would have gone unspent to help more students achieve their academic goals.”

Dr. Migler said the College is working to comprehensively redesign and improve PCC Developmental Education programs and services by Fall 2014.

In his presentation to the Board, Dr. Migler said the goal of the redesign was to develop a new model for Developmental Education at Pima that is based on the latest research and best practices. PCC is committed creating Developmental Education courses consistent with eligibility for students to access federal financial aid.

Classes for the fall semester start Wednesday, Aug. 28. For more information, visit one of PCC’s six campuses, call 206-4500 or visit

C.J. Karamargin
Vice Chancellor for Public Information and Federal Government Relations
(520) 206-4850