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Coronavirus - Notices sent to students

Also refer to notices sent: College-wide |  To Employees  |   To Adult Education


Mar. 26 In-person graduation ceremony cancelled; March 30 transition to virtual instruction
Mar. 24 Update to students:  important dates; March payment plan fees; resources; Census 2020
Mar. 20 Update sent to students: course start dates, financial aid update, resources
Mar. 17 Update sent to students concerning the facilities access suspension
Mar. 17 Access to College facilities suspended until March 27
Mar. 16 Coronavirus update to students
Mar. 16 Face-to-face student/public services suspended (e.g., libraries, learning centers).  Virtual services remain available.
Mar. 12 Update: Spring Break extended; Transition to virtual classes when possible 
Mar. 10 Revised attendance policy for ill students
Mar. 9 Update: PCC response to coronavirus

 Other information: 

  • March 19: New General & Health Resources and Student Resources sections added.  More info to come.
  • March 16: Veterans Benefits -  We are expecting directives from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs on Thursday, March 19th.  PCC will share what they learn at that time.  Questions? Call 520-206-2266 or email
  • March 15: Registration for Summer semester has been delayed until March 25.