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Standards of Academic Progress for Veterans Benefit Clock Hour Students

Good Academic Standing

Students are in good academic standing if they have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 from prior credit courses taken at Pima Community College and 80% or higher course grading in each of their clock hour modules. (Students earning a grade of “P” in program modules have demonstrated at least 80% or higher competency for that module. Students will not move forward in their course module if they do not meet the 80% requirement in grade or attendance.)

If students fail to achieve Good Academic Standing, they will be placed on Academic Warning, indicating a serious institutional concern about their academic progress.

Frequency of Evaluation

For Veterans Benefits Recipient (VBR) students in a clock hour program, Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) will be evaluated via Individual Progress Reports (IPRs) at the following three (3) intervals:

  • When the student has attended 25% of their scheduled clock hours, and
  • When the student has attended 50% of their scheduled clock hours, and
  • When the student has attended 75% of their scheduled clock hours.

VBR students requesting a Leave of Absence (LOA) will receive a withdrawal effective the last date of attendance. This could potentially create a debt with the VA unless documentation of mitigating circumstances are submitted to their Veteran Advisor or directly to the VA (in an attempt to avoid a debt).

If a student on Academic Warning regains Good Academic Standing by their next SAP review, the student will be removed from Academic Warning.

Students on Academic Warning who do not regain Good Academic Standing will be placed on Academic Suspension and be ineligible for VA benefits for a minimum of 90 days.

Academic Warning

  • At the indicated evaluation periods, SAP will be run and academic progress will be evaluated using an IPR. Students who are not in Good Academic Standing will be placed on Academic Warning.
  • Students may still use Veterans Education Benefits while on Academic Warning.
  • When placed on Academic Warning students will be sent an email through their official Pima email address.
  • Students must meet with a counselor, CTD advisor, and Military and Veteran Services advisor for further academic support and needs.
  • Students must have an immediate IPR meeting to set up a plan for success. This meeting will include the student, the program coordinator, faculty/instructor and student services personnel.
  • Academic Warning continues until the student is reevaluated after attending an additional 25% of scheduled clock hours (based on the frequency of evaluation for VBR students).
  • At the next SAP review, academic progress is evaluated using the program IPR to determine if the student has returned to a good academic standing or academic suspension.

Academic Suspension

If students on Academic Warning have not achieved Good Academic Standing at the point of the next SAP review, they will be put on Academic Suspension for 90 days and will not be eligible to continue using VA Educational Benefits during that time.

  • If Academically Suspended, students using Veteran Education Benefits will have their VA certifications terminated effective the date of their final IPR review or based on their Last Day of Attendance.
  • Students that are Academically Suspended may continue the program at their own cost.
  • After 90 days, the student may resume using VA benefits.
  • Upon return, students will be placed on an Academic Warning status until they regain Good Academic standing.


Students who want to appeal their Academic Suspension must meet with a Military and Veterans Services Advisor. The final decision for suspension of appeal resides within the Military and Veteran Services Coordinators.


Clock hour students who are academically disqualified and want to return to the program, must sit out a minimum of 90 days, demonstrate that they meet all selective admissions standards and be approved for readmission by the Program Coordinator and CTD Director.