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Veteran Benefit Recipient (VBR) Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

  • If you failed to maintain Academic Good Standing due to unforeseeable extenuating circumstances you may appeal your loss of VA benefit eligibility. For further information see the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Information/Form.
  • Students have a right to appeal their SAP status through the Military and Veteran Services Appeal Committee.
  • If your SAP appeal is denied you can only re-appeal if you have extenuating circumstances and/or documentation that you did not include with your initial appeal submission. Only one appeal is permitted for the same semester the student has not met SAP
  • All students who submit an appeal must meet with their Veteran Advisor to develop an academic plan and agree to adhere to all associated requirements.
  • If your appeal has been approved, you must adhere to the associated academic plan during any semester you are on SAP probation. Your probation will continue to be extended as long as significant academic progress continues or until you are back in good academic standing.
  • Students are eligible to use Veterans Educational Benefits during the extended Probation period.
  • Students with an approved appeal will remain on SAP probation until they achieve good academic standing provided they make significant academic progress each semester. Failure to show academic progress will result in suspension of Veteran Educational Benefits.
  • If a student has not met Satisfactory Academic Progress and/ or their appeal has been denied, their eligibility to use Veteran Educational Benefits will be suspended for all subsequent classes. If the appeal is approved the courses will be retroactively certified.
  • The Veteran Services Office will review the student’s progress at the end of the probationary semester to determine if the terms of the academic plan have been met.
  • If a student leaves PCC on probation and returns they will remain on probation until Satisfactory Academic Progress has been met or eligibility is suspended.
  • The committee’s decision is final and may not be appealed because the student disagrees with the decision.