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Scholarships & Grants

PCC helps you achieve your dreams through scholarships and grants. Unlike loans, scholarships or grants never have to be paid back. Performance-based scholarships not only assist with your financial needs, they are a reward for your hard work and distinguish you as an outstanding student. Here are some of your grant and scholarship options:

STARS On-Line:  Find PCC scholarships online

Many scholarships are available through the PCC Foundation scholarships webpage.  Review scholarships available in STARS On-Line and apply for those that match your profile.  Due dates for individual scholarships vary however for the majority of the scholarship applications are due in the spring of each year.  

Several popular PCC scholarship and grant programs that used to be access through this webpage are now available through STARS On-Line including:

  • Chancellor's Service Scholarship
  • Pima Book Scholarship
  • Pima Opportunity Scholarship

More Scholarships

  • All-Arizona Academic Team Scholarship
    All Arizona Academic Team Scholarships are available to qualified students from each PCC campus.  Applications are generally accepted October - November.
  • Arizona Foster Care Tuition Waiver
    The Arizona Foster Care Tuition Waiver can help qualified Arizona foster children earn a college degree by offering them free tuition. This five-year pilot program uses a combination of federal grants and scholarships, and college aid to cover students’ tuition and fees.


Scholarship funds are also available through community groups, organizations and companies outside of PCC. The financial aid office receives information periodically about available scholarships in the community. Check with a campus Student Services Center for the latest available information. Other sources of information on scholarships and financial aid are available at campus libraries and public libraries. Ask a librarian for assistance in finding these references. You may also find financial aid resources online.

NOTE: If you should receive scholarship money from outside PCC and receive scholarship funds directly, you must notify our financial aid office.

Watch Out for Scholarship Scams
Every year there are a few scholarship search "scams" that imitate legitimate search companies, foundations and sponsors. These companies may request money for their services, advertise that they "guarantee" results or ask for inappropriate personal information such as your bank or Social Security number. Beware of anyone who requests money for scholarship search services. To learn more visit Scholarship Scams.