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Student Account Holds

A hold may be placed on your account if you have a balance due from a current or previous term.

You cannot register for a new term or receive academic transcripts until your account is current.

Why is There a Hold on my Account?

Student account holds may be applied for the following debts:

  • past-due tuition
  • past-due book loans
  • collection agency fees
  • late fees on your account
  • non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees for returned checks
  • excessive loss or breakage
  • lost library books
  • parking and traffic fines

How do I Receive a Release of a Hold on My Account?

  • visit any campus cashier's office to pay your debt
  • for an immediate release of your hold you must pay in cash or by credit card and contact Student Accounts
  • payment by check requires a waiting period of ten (10) business days before the hold can be released.
  • if your debt has been passed on to a collection agency, you must contact that agency

Contact the Student Accounts Office for more information.