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Refund Policy for Tuition and Fee Payments

Pima Community College will issue a refund (a return of excess funds) when a credit exists on your student account. Refunds can occur for the following reasons:

All potential refunds are first applied to charges before a refund is issued. 

Self-Payer Refund Process

All refunds are processed weekly beginning one week after the start of the semester.  This allows students the opportunity to adjust their schedule and use the existing credit to pay their new balance.  Refunds are always processed starting with the most recent payment made to the account, which could be by credit card, debit card, cash or check.

Credit Card or Debit payments - are refunded back to those cards.

*Please note: Due to a change with our payment processor, all debit/credit card payments more than six months old will be refunded to the student in the form of a check or verified E-refund when the student account has a credit balance.  

Payments made by check - are subject to a 10-day clearing period prior to being refunded by check or E-refund.

Cash Payments - will be refunded by check or E-refund.

* Payments made on a student's behalf that result in a check being issued will be refunded to the student unless special arrangements are made with the Accounts Receivable Services Office at the time of payment.

Financial Aid Recipient Refund Process

Refunds for Financial Aid are processed within 5 business days from the time the disbursement is posted on to your student account. However, it will take several more business days to generate an E-refund or paper check.  Note:  If the credit is due to a change in enrollment, the credit balance will need to be reviewed. The college has 14 days to determine if any adjustments to your aid need to be made. 

If there are additional excess funds, you will receive your refund by two methods:

E-refund: The fastest way to receive your refund is electronically. Enroll in E-refund today!

Paper check: If you do not have an E-refund profile set up, a paper check will be sent to the address you have on file. If there is no active address on file, your refund will be delayed. We recommend keeping your address updated at all times to ensure you receive your refund without any additional delays. 

Uncashed Refund Checks

Pima Community College checks are valid for 90 days.

In the event there are issues with your check (due to a bad address, a reprinted check, or any other reason), you will be emailed and instructed to pick up the check at the District Office.  If you fail to do so within 21 days, the check will be canceled and any financial aid may be adjusted.

If you are mailed a check as the result of a financial aid disbursement and you fail to cash it in the allowed time, the check will become stale and funds must be returned.  College policy is to always return loan funds first, grant funds then other funds (ex. scholarships or athletic funds).  Depending on several federal regulations, the Financial Aid Office may or may not be able to re-issue those funds to you if you request them.

If you are sent a check as the result of using your own funds and do not cash the check within 90 days, funds may be sent to the state as unclaimed property.