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E-refund makes it simple to receive funds. Electronic refunds can be used for financial aid or any refunds due and are delivered directly to your savings or checking account electronically.

To enroll in E-refund

  • Log in to your MyPima
  • Select the Students tab and select Register and Pay
  • Go to My Account and select MyAccountManager
  • Select the Electronic Refunds tab under "My Profile Setup"
  • Select Set up Account
  • Select an existing account or to create a new account select Set up Account
  • Important: If you set up a new payment method, you will need to provide your bank account information and bank routing number. This is different from your debit card number. Review the agreement and check "I agree".

Note:  Due to a change with our payment processor, all debit/credit card payments made prior to July 10, 2018 will be issued to the student in the form of a check when the student account has a credit balance.  This exception applies only to payments made prior to July 10, 2018.  Debit/credit card and webcheck payments made on or after July 10, 2018 will be credited back to those methods. 

Cash or paper check payments will continue to be refunded by E-refund or check.

For more information email Student Accounts or call (520) 206-4574.