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Pay with Financial Aid

Pay with Financial Aid

Pima encourages all students to apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Financial Aid office can help you complete all the necessary steps.  Each year there are changes to financial aid policies and procedures to meet federal requirements. It is important to familiarize yourself with the changes. Visit the financial aid webpage online or visit any financial aid office for more information.

Guidelines for Paying with Financial Aid

  • If you have been awarded financial aid, it will be applied to any unpaid tuition and fees due at the time the award is disbursed. Check your MyPima, financial aid page under Awards, to ensure you have been awarded.
  • If your financial aid does not cover your entire tuition and fees, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance on time. The Payment Plan may be an option for you. If you choose to enroll in a Payment Plan, you will be responsible for making monthly payments until the financial aid is disbursed to your student account.  At that time, the financial aid will be applied to your balance, with any remaining credit being refunded to you.
  • If you are expecting financial aid and it has not disbursed by the official drop deadline, it is your responsibility to ensure your tuition and fees are paid on time, possibly out of pocket. See the Financial Aid disbursement dates.
  • If you register for additional classes after your financial aid has been disbursed, you are responsible for ensuring the additional tuition and fees are paid on time.


If you have dropped or withdrawn from a class prior to the Pell Recalculation Date or the college determines you never attend a class after the Financial Aid Office has disbursed funds for that class, the Financial Aid Office may have to pull back the funds associated with that class. You will be notified by the Financial Aid Office and may need to pay back any refund that was sent to you. You are responsible for paying any balance on your student account resulting from a financial aid recalculation.

Return of Financial Aid (Title IV Funds)

Per federal regulations, if you are a financial aid recipient and withdraw from all active eligible Title IV (Financial Aid) classes at Pima Community College, you may not have earned the financial aid you received. Therefore any unearned funds you received must be returned.

  • You will be billed by the College for any unearned funds that we had to return to the federal programs due to the required R2T4 calculation.
  • We suggest you speak with an academic advisor or refer to Dropping or Withdrawing from Class & Financial Aid before dropping all classes.

Wish to return Financial Aid funds?

If you no longer want/need your refund check, the funds can be returned. This is great to do especially if you borrowed student loans!  Simply write VOID on the check and submit it with a Returned Check Form to any Campus Cashiers Office. If you received a E-refund, you should submit an Aid Cancellation Form to Financial Aid. Once the aid is pulled back, you can make a payment online or at any Campus Cashiers Office.