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Frequency of Evaluation

Students who receive any type of Title IV financial assistance are evaluated for SAP at the end of each semester after grades have been submitted. Transfer students and those who are returning to the College after a hiatus are evaluated upon entry (or reentry), whether or not that point in time is at the end of a semester. Financial aid recipients and applicants (upon submission of the FAFSA), who are found not to be in satisfactory academic standing, will be notified via email to their Pima address. Students can also check their eligibility status by logging into their My Pima student portal.

If all of the student’s grades have not been submitted it may not be possible to calculate the student’s SAP status. If it is not possible to calculate the student’s SAP status the student may be ineligible for federal financial aid until such time as all of the grades have been submitted and it is possible to calculate the student’s SAP status.  Once a change of grade is submitted subsequent to the SAP evaluation, PCC will recalculate the student’s SAP status us­ing that new information.