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Bookstore Loan & Book Advances

You do not have to wait until financial aid disburses to purchase your books. PCC has two easy options to allow financial aid recipients to purchase books prior to the disbursement of your funds.  This process makes it convenient for you to obtain the books and materials you need for class.  After course registration, confirm your financial aid eligibility on your MyPima Financial Aid tab.  After you have been awarded, you can choose between the following two options to purchase your books.

Note that you may not receive both a Bookstore Loan AND a Book Advance.  You must choose one or the other.

Pima Bookstore Loan - Available 30 days before the start of the semester at any campus bookstore

Go to any Pima campus bookstore, identify yourself as a financial aid student, and provide a PCC Student ID card or government-issued photo ID to purchase books.  There is no need to obtain a Book Loan Form from the Student Services Center.

If you were awarded financial aid but it has yet to be released to your student account, you are eligible for this program.  The amount available to purchase books is the difference between the financial aid awarded and the total amount due for tuition and fees for the term.  The amount purchased will be charged to your student account and will be deducted from your financial aid award.  Remember that this is a loan and must be repaid despite changes to your financial aid eligibility.

Book Advance - Available 15 days before the start of the semester

If you wish to purchase your books and other school materials through a store other than a Pima bookstore, you can request a book advance up until your first disbursement of financial aid for the semester.  After this date, students who wish to purchase books may use the Book Loan program.

You are eligible for this program once you have finalized your enrollment for the semester, and your financial aid is awarded.  The base amount available to purchase books is $750 or less using the difference between the financial aid awarded and the total amount due for tuition and fees for the term. 

To request a review for a Book Advance log into your MyPima account, go to the Financial Aid tab, select the “Financial Aid Awards” link, select the aid year, go to the “Resources/Additional Information” tab, and answer the “Book Advance” question, being sure to click the “Submit Information” button. 

Your request will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office and you will be notified of your eligibility within 3-5 business days.  If approved, your book advance will disburse to your student account that same day.  The Student Accounts Office will mail your check or deposit the funds to your e-Refund account according to normal disbursement timelines.

Eligibility for purchasing books using the Book Advance process ends when the financial aid funds are released to your student account.