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Eligibility of Title IV (Financial Aid) Funds

Title IV funds are awarded to a student with the assumption that the student will attend a school for the entire period for which the funds are awarded.  When a student ceases attendance prior to the planned ending date, the student may not be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds the student was scheduled to receive.

If a student never begins attendance in a Payment Period, the student is not eligible to receive Title IV funds for that period.

If a student begins attendance in at least one course, but does not begin attendance in all the courses he or she was enrolled in, regardless of whether the student is a withdrawal, the school must check to see if it is necessary to recalculate the student’s eligibility for Title IV funds based on a revised enrollment status and cost of attendance.

The following policies are mandated by the US Department of Education. Pima Community College encourages students to read all the information below prior to making a final decision and visit an academic advisor to see how this action may impact prerequisite sequences, your graduation timeline, and your financial aid eligibility.