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Someday is Today: Learn about Pima’s remote learning options and access virtual services.
PCC health care student wearing green scrubs

COVID-19: Notices to employees

Also refer to notices sent:  To Students | To Adult Education


Jan. 14 Chancellor's Update: Vaccines Update
Jan. 13 Chancellor's Update: Vaccines Update
Jan. 5 Chancellor's Update: Vaccines
Nov. 13 Chancellor Update: COVID-19 Testing on PCC Campuses
July 7 Chancellor Update: A safe approach to Fall 2020
June 6 Chancellor update: College budget and June 8 start of hands-on classes
May 5 Chancellor update: All College Meeting, CARES act funds, Travel policy
Apr. 29 Chancellor update: Arizona extension of stay-at-home and Pima plans
Apr. 23 Chancellor update: Shaping the future, Financial picture, and All College meeting
Apr. 23 To faculty: Faculty positions update, Moving forward
Apr. 18 To faculty: Thinking of taking an Incomplete? What you need to know.
Apr. 17 Human Resources Update
Apr. 17 Chancellor update: Technology funding, College budget, and steps toward returning
Apr. 14 Chancellor update: Additional communications avenues coming
Apr. 13 STAR impact report and withdrawal tuition credits
Apr. 10 Chancellor update: Normal as we knew it will not be normal going forward
Apr. 9 Campus upgrades and cleaning, Student Emergency Fund, CARES funds, online summit and symposium
Apr. 8 Grading options
Apr. 7 Supporting community needs, Virtual commencement ceremony
Apr. 6 Feedback received, Technology needs, Arizona Gives Day, Facilities closed, Online scams
Apr. 3 Deep cleaning of facilities, WiFi access, Employee Wellness
Apr. 2 Meeting student needs
Apr. 1 Board updates, website launch, ODR
Mar. 31 Continuing physical distancing, virtual student services, refund policy, COVID-19 online scams
Mar. 30 No access to facilities after March 31, economic stimulus, and moving forward together
Mar. 30 Two primary tools for providing synchronous instruction
Mar. 27 End of second week in our virtual environment
Mar. 26 2020 Commencement and March 30 transition to virtual instruction
Mar. 26 Faculty transitioning to virtual instruction update 3
Mar. 25 Status update and upcoming dates
Mar. 23 Transition to virtual instruction and services
Mar. 20 Faculty transitioning to virtual instruction; important dates; proctoring; Registrar/Financial Aid virtual office hours for employees
Mar. 20 Update:  Spring semester re-start times, extending work from home and building restrictions
Mar. 19 Update: Working toward virtual restart and remaining flexible.
Mar. 18 Update;  Transition to virtual, building restrictions, IT services and next steps
Mar. 18 Facilities: Preventative decontamination & access to buildings
Mar. 17 Facilities access suspended through March 27
Mar. 17 Human Resources policy and guidance on work-from-home during COVID-19
Mar. 16 Face-to-face student/public services suspended.  Many employees may transition to work-at-home if job-function can be done remotely & with supervisor agreement.
Mar. 15 K-12 schools closing - put your family first
Mar. 13 PCC Human Resources on COVID-19
Mar. 12 To Faculty: Academic Continuity Plan
Mar. 12 Spring Break extended; Transition to virtual classes when possible 
Mar. 9 Forums; Revised student class attendance policy when ill
Mar. 4 College preparedness; Health information
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