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COVID-19 Information: masks are required indoors on PCC campuses and in centers until March 28, 2022. Learn more on the COVID-19 & Updates Page.
Remote Learning

Learn About Pima’s Remote Learning Options and Access Virtual Services


Learn more about Pima Community College

Explore the College without leaving home and connect with an admissions advisor.

Talk to an Advisor

Sign up virtually to receive a same day call back from an advisor. Advisors are available to assist you with admissions, registration, and academic advising.

Advising Call Back: Sign in online

  • Monday-Thursday: 9am - 5pm
  • Friday 10am - 5pm
  • Saturday 9am - 11am

Once in line you will receive text message notifications with an estimated time for the call back. Once you’ve reached the front of the line an Advisor will call you on the phone number provided to assist you. You can call from a landline phone too, but you won’t get the text messages.

For general information and after hours support

Your Class Options

Spring 2021 classes are offered in three ways:

Virtual: Classes are conducted live at the same day and time each week via computer and video. Your faculty member will conduct the class much like an in-person class but with modifications to support you in a virtual environment.

Online: Courses are taken on your schedule using the College’s dedicated PimaOnline platform. Online classes let you study at times convenient for you. Pima has multiple programs offered entirely online.

Hybrid: Hybrid courses are generally those that have significant hands-on training, such as nursing, welding, automotive technology and others. You will participate in lectures and other learning virtually, but then join your class on campus for the lab or “hands-on” portion of the class.

How do I know which type of class I have? The best way to know how your class will be offered is to check your class schedule in your MyPima account or go to the Schedule of Classes.  You will receive full details from your instructor prior to the start of classes. Note that for Fall 2020 most classes will be virtual or online.

Advantages of Virtual and Online learning

Many students who were worried or struggled at first with virtual and online learning have come to appreciate its many benefits such as:

  • Being able to attend class from the comfort of their own homes
  • Having their own schedule
  • Instructors who are more responsive than ever
  • Online Pima resources (tutoring, libraries, etc.)

“Once I figured out the nuances, it was challenging and fun, and I made friends,”

--  Annette Perkins, who, at age 60, is studying Health Information Technology to launch herself into a second career.


See Inside Virtual Classes

Even in virtual classes, your faculty member can demonstrate the work and you have opportunities to interact with the instructor and with fellow class members.

Faculty member Michele Anderson demonstrates intermediate Algebra:

Music instructor Carol Christofferson and student Bryce Cravatzo in YouTube Wondering how we teach music online? 

Find Step-by-Step information

But if you need help, reach out through to We are here for you.

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