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COVID-19 Information: masks are required indoors on PCC campuses and in centers until March 28, 2022. Learn more on the COVID-19 & Updates Page.

Expanding campus operations; out-of-state travel policy updates

June 9, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

This month marks a shift in how we are managing details of our expansion of campus operations and preparing for a robust return in August.  It is good to be at this point, which is becoming possible thanks largely to the increasing number of vaccinated individuals in our community.

Pima Community College has been slower than most organizations and even other institutions of higher education to increase on-site operations. We believe our more cautious approach was instrumental in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our community and was an important safety net for students, faculty and staff.

Now, however, as the virus continues to abate, expectations by our students, partners and, of course, many of you for our increased presence on campus continue to grow. It is important for the College to welcome people to our campuses to engage with our new Centers of Excellence, to build trusting relationships by meeting face-to-face, and to rebuild the connectedness we had with the College and community.

As of June 1, faculty and staff no longer need prior approval to enter a campus, District Office or other College facilities. However, everyone still will need to sign in at designated sign-in locations. Signing in supports contact tracing, should that become necessary. 

Students will no longer check in. They will go directly to class, where attendance records will support contact tracing efforts, if those become necessary.

This month, many administrators and other staff began holding regular office hours.

In August, the campuses will be open to all faculty and staff for normal operations.  Observing continued precautions, many student support services will be offered by appointment, with some walk-in support.

Detailed communications have been sent or will be sent by the campus vice presidents and to the District Office.

Returning Employees

Faculty and staff should be working with their supervisors on a return-to-campus plan.  Every unit of the College was charged with developing a plan and supervisors with meeting with their employees.

We recognize there are still some hardships due to child care limitations, other family responsibilities and even illness.  These are conversations that should start with your supervisor.

The expectation for most employees, however, is that they will return to campus or other College locations at least three days per week in the Fall.


As retailers and others began to drop the mask requirement for vaccinated individuals, many have asked about the College’s mask policy.  For now, masks continue to be required for anyone while inside a College building, unless you are alone in your office or workspace.  This policy will be reviewed routinely and will be modified as appropriate. 

Entry Badges

Employees who use their ID badges for entering a building will have their badges reactivated no later than Aug. 1. When access is needed prior to August, please submit a Famis 360 Access Request. Employees with an older badge will need to request a new one.  An old badge will have a 16-digit number on the back.  Newer badges have 10 digits. If you have questions please contact or call the Facilities Help Desk at 206-2733.

Out-of-State Travel Policy

Practices and permissions around college travel and personal travel also have been modified. 

College travel: Employees who have been fully vaccinated and have voluntarily reported that status to the ESC can request permission to travel out of state.  Supervisors seeking to determine employee eligibility will need to contact the ESC.  Employees can report their status here.  Out of state travel by unvaccinated employees will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Personal travel: Employees who travel out of state may return to campus immediately if they have been fully vaccinated.  Employees who have not been vaccinated may not return for 7 days or may return after 3 days and a negative COVID-19 test result.

International travel is still restricted through the summer.  At the beginning of fall semester, travel requests by fully vaccinated employees will be reviewed on an individual basis.

This is an exciting time for the College as we transition back to the vibrant campuses and workspaces we knew before.  We look forward to being back in the classrooms and sharing time with colleagues.

Lee D. Lambert


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