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NextGen Accuplacer

College Board, creators of the SAT and Accuplacer tests, has transformed the suite of placement tests within the Accuplacer platform. The new set of placement tests incorporate current college and career readiness standards and input from end users. The College will be offering Accuplacer’s new Next Generation tests for placement into courses and programs, beginning with the Spring 2019 enrollment cycle. The new suite of tests will replace the Classic Accuplacer tests.

Placement Test Transition:

  • Classic Elementary Algebra -> Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics
  • Classic College Math ->  Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions
  • Classic Reading Comprehension -> Next Generation Reading

Center for Training and Development Programs:

  • Classic Arithmetic -> Next Generation Arithmetic
  • Classic Sentence Skills -> Next Generation Writing

The Accuplacer WritePlacer, used to place students into credit or developmental writing courses, will not change.

Accuplacer Next Generation Sample Questions

If you have trouble accessing the content of these documents, please contact Access and Disability Resources at 520.206.6688 or  Every effort will be made to provide a reasonable accommodation in a timely manner.


  1. Can I use a calculator on the math tests?
    A personal calculator is not allowed.

    The new tests provide a problem specific calculator for some problems. There are no-calculator questions that assess conceptual understanding of mathematics or fluency in arithmetic. Questions that provide a calculator option, assess the student's ability to use the tool to solve problems more efficiently. Depending on the level of the test and question type, students could have access to a basic four-function calculator, a square root calculator, and/or a graphing calculator. An icon will appear with a drop-down menu if a calculator is available.

  2. Does the the retake policy start over with new tests? 
    No. The policy to charge for the third attempt does not change with new tests. Similar to the Compass-Accuplacer transition, a third attempt, and beyond, of a test will require the $10 fee.

  3. Can we use the new tests for potential Ability to Benefit students?
    College Board has requested that Accuplacer’s Next Generation tests be included in the Department of Education’s list of acceptable placement assessment for eligibility within the Ability to Benefit program. If word is not received by the January deadline, extension of the use for Classic tests will be permitted for ATB purposes.