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Take Assessments

PCC now offers Accuplacer for placement testing.  Compass is no longer available.

PCC Basic Skills Assessment is a measure of a student's knowledge in the areas of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • English Proficiency

Assessments are free of charge and, with the assistance of an advisor or counselor, help you choose the right course to meet your educational goals.

Assessments are given in Campus Assessment Centers and take two to three hours to complete. To take an assessment you must

Students who may require a testing accommodation for a disability, and are eligible under ADA guidelines, must first contact a Program Specialist at Access and Disability Resources.

Who must take Basic Skills Assessments?

You should take basic assessments in reading, writing and mathematics before you register if you are

  • attending PCC for the first time, or have not completed a college course within the last three years, and are intending to complete a degree or certificate.
  • currently in high school and would like to register for dual enrollment courses.
  • enrolling for the first time in a reading, writing, mathematics or general education course.

Which assessment should I take?

  • If English is your first language, you should take the COMPASS test.
  • If you are fully bilingual with native-speaker competence in writing, reading, speaking and listening in English, you should take the COMPASS test.
  • If English is not your first language, you should take the CELSA test

You do not need to take any assessments if you

  • have already earned a degree or certificate at a level above the Arizona General Education Certificate.
  • can document competency in reading, writing or mathematics through previous assessments or college-level courses.
  • are enrolling only in non-credit, contract or special interest courses.

Previous scores or transcripts must be presented to a counselor or advisor before registration.