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Challenge Exams

Bypass Courses

Challenge Exams allow you to bypass lower-level courses to accelerate your progress toward your degree or certificate.  Contact an assessment center for more information.

Biology Assessment

  • score 70 percent or higher to bypass BIO 156
  • untimed test
  • 70 multiple-choice questions.

Chemistry Assessment

  • score 45 percent or higher to bypass CHM 80
  • timed 45 minute test
  • 40 multiple-choice questions.

Language Assessments

  • The Minnesota Spanish Placement test is available at all campuses to assist in correct placement of students into Spanish language courses.

Credit by Examination

You may be able to earn college credit by examination if you have already gained the knowledge and/or mastered the content of certain courses.   Pima recognizes certain national standardized tests and also provides credit challenge exams at the discretion of the instructor.  Learn more about credit by examination.