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Prerequisites FAQ

What courses have prerequisites enforced?
All math (MAT) and writing (WRT) courses have enforced prerequisites. Some other courses, in subjects such as art, science, or languages, may also have enforced prerequisites.

Why are prerequisites enforced?
The College takes this step to ensure that students have the greatest chance for success in the courses in which they enroll.

Is there a time limit on meeting the prerequisites with either the assessment score or the completed class?
A three-year limit on all prerequisites for math is enforced by the instructor of record for the section (CRN). There is currently no time limit for prerequisites for writing classes.

Will I be able to register for a course in the following semester if I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite course?
Yes, but be aware that you need to successfully pass the prerequisite in order to go on to the next course. If you do not pass the prerequisite or meet the prerequisite in another way, such as retaking the assessments, you should drop the class yourself before the semester starts. Otherwise, the instructor will drop you in the first week of classes.

Will I be able to register for a math course if I am enrolled in the prerequisite course in the same semester? For example, I am registered for MAT122 for the first eight weeks and MAT151 for the second eight weeks.
Yes, but MyPima will not automatically allow you to concurrently enroll in a math and its prerequisite in the same semester. In order to process this kind of registration, you must be cleared for the second course. First, register for the prerequisite course, then meet with an advisor or counselor who can clear you to register for the second course.

If I have taken high-level math courses in high school (trig, calculus, etc.), can those be used to meet prerequisites?
High school courses do not meet prerequisites for Pima Community College courses unless you received AP credit or the course was a concurrent enrollment course for which you received college credit. AP credit courses must be submitted for official evaluation by the College. The evaluation can take up to four weeks.

If I have completed a bachelor's degree and took math or writing, do I have to take the assessment? And follow the recommendation?
Having a bachelor's degree does not automatically satisfy prerequisites for any course. Prerequisite satisfaction is solely dependent on the specific courses you have successfully completed. You should bring transcripts to an advisor, counselor or subject faculty member to show what courses have been completed.

If I have taken assessments at another college, do I have to take Pima's assessment?
If you took either the COMPASS or Asset assessment at another school and can provide the score for that test (not the placement results), we can use those scores for placement into Pima's math and writing classes. Pima will also accept The University of Arizona's writing placement, but the math placement will only be accepted if the exam was proctored as indicated on the assessment results.

If I took the prerequisites in modules (MAT 092 A, B & C or WRT 070 A, B & C), does that meet the prerequisite?
If you successfully complete the last module in the series (MAT 092C or WRT 070C), that will meet the prerequisite for the subsequent math or writing course.

If I took the prerequisite course at another college, does that meet the prerequisite?
If you received a grade of "C" or better in a course from a regionally accredited college, and that course is equivalent to a course at Pima that meets a prerequisite then the prerequisite is met. In the case of math, the course must have been completed in the past three years in order to meet the prerequisite.

  • If the course has been officially evaluated, this will happen automatically.
  • If the course has not yet been officially evaluated, an unofficial evaluation by an advisor, counselor or subject faculty member will determine if the course meets the prerequisite.
  • If an advisor or counselor is unsure if the course is equivalent to Pima's course, you will be referred to a subject faculty member for that determination. If no faculty is available, you have the option of waiting until one is available or you can take the respective assessment.
  • If it is determined that the course does meet the prerequisite, you will be cleared to register for the appropriate course.

The number of credits of the course in review is not a determining factor of whether the course is truly an equivalent to Pima's course.

What documentation can be used to verify that the prerequisite has been met if a formal evaluation has not been completed?
You can provide official or unofficial transcripts or a grade report from the college where you took the prerequisite course to an advisor, counselor or subject faculty member. You will still need to provide official transcripts to the District Admissions Office for an official transcript evaluation to be processed. This informal evaluation is only to determine if the prerequisite has been met.

Who has authorization to approve a prerequisite for math or writing classes?

  • If prerequisites have been met at Pima or with officially evaluated transcripts, you will automatically be allowed to register for a class.
  • If prerequisites have been met in alternate ways, such as with courses that have not yet been officially evaluated or with COMPASS or Asset assessment scores from another college, then advisors, counselors or subject faculty can allow registration for the course.
  • If you have not met the prerequisite for a particular course, only the instructor of record of the individual course section (CRN) can give you permission to register.

What is the procedure for me to "appeal" the prerequisite?

If you think your math or writing placement is not appropriate, you should review your skills and retake the assessment. There is a writing sample you can take instead of the multiple-choice COMPASS or Asset assessment.

After reviewing and retesting, if you are still not recommended for the class that you think is appropriate and feel there are other factors that should be considered, then you should meet with the instructor of record for the section (CRN) you want to take. Waivers will be given only when determined appropriate by the instructor of record. Contact the instructor regarding the campus procedures for waivers.

If I am given permission by an instructor to enroll in the instructor's particular section, can I change to a different section of the same course?
No, not without the permission of the instructor of record for the new section you want. When an instructor grants a waiver, the waiver is for that instructor's particular section (CRN) only, not for every CRN of that course.