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Standards of Academic Progress

Standards of Academic Progress ensure that students are in good academic standing at Pima. The last five-year cumulative of a student's academic coursework will be used to determine academic standing. Academic progress is monitored each semester for all students once final grades are entered.

Federal Financial Aid students must also meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) criteria.

Good Academic Standing

You have good academic standing if you

  • completed 20 semester credit hours with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 or
  • attempted 36 semester credit hours and had a completion rate of 67%, or 24 semester hours completed with a passing grade.

Attempted Credits

  • Withdrawals and incomplete grades and repeated courses that are excluded are considered attempted credits.
  • Repeated courses with a grade that is the same as or lower than a prior attempt are considered attempted but not completed credit.

You are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from College Counselors if you have not completed 20 semester credits and have a cumulative grade point average of less than 2.0.

Academic Probation

If you fail to achieve good academic standing, you will be placed on Academic Probation, indicating a serious institutional concern about your academic progress. If you are on Academic Probation, you will:

  1. be notified via MyPima announcement or email that you have been placed on Academic Probation.
  2. be required to complete an Academic Probation Workshop or STU 100, 102, 121 or 150 course found in the Schedule of Classes. To register for a workshop, log into MyPima, click on the Students > Academic Tab and then click on the Academic Probation Workshop Registration link (under Quick Links).  Bring with you to the workshop these Probation Workshop materials.
  3. have your ability to register blocked until the workshop or course has been completed. After you successfully complete the workshop or course, you will be allowed to register for future semesters.
  4. have your academic progress monitored each semester until you return to Good Academic Standing.

Academic Restriction

You will be placed on Academic Restriction if you

  • completed 40 semester hours with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 or
  • attempted 56 semester hours with a completion rate of less than 67%.

When placed on Academic Restriction you will

  1. be notified via MyPima announcement or email of your Academic Restricted status
  2. be restricted to enrolling in no more than 12 hours in the next semester (without prior approval)
  3. have your ability to register blocked at this time; you must meet with a counselor to complete additional requirements

Academic Disqualification

If you are on Academic Restriction you will be allowed to continue if you

  • obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 and
  • complete 67% or more of your courses for the next semester

Students on Academic Restriction who do not maintain good academic standing will be academically disqualified.

Students who are Academically Disqualified will have any enrollment in the next traditional semester dropped. After sitting out the next traditional semester, students will be placed on Academic Restriction status until they regain Good Academic standing.  

Students wishing to appeal their Disqualification status must meet with a Counselor to begin the process. The Academic Disqualification Appeals form provides more information on the limited grounds for an appeal, the process and required documentation.   See a Counselor at any Student Services Center for more information.