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Student Responsibilities

Understanding student responsibilities can help you be a more successful student at Pima!

Student Responsibilities and College Success

No matter who you are, understanding student responsibilities can help you be a more successful student at Pima!

Understanding Student Responsibilities: Steps to Success

Step 1: Complete the self paced online New Student Orientation

By completing the New Student Orientation and by reviewing the helpful links on this orientation, you will be on your way to understanding the important responsibilities that you have and the resources available.

Step 2: Follow the guidelines in the PCC Student Handbook and Planning Calendar.

The Student Services Centers have copies of this booklet.

The guidelines include the following strategies:

Step 3: Understand how to use the following:

Step 4: Review and follow the PCC Student Code of Conduct and other related policies

The PCC Student Code of Conduct can be found on the PCC website.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All PCC students are considered to be responsible individuals and are accountable for their own behavior. The College expects all students to obey local, state and federal laws, and to follow the College's standards of conduct.

Student rights and responsibilities regarding procedures for code of conduct penalties can be found online.

If You Have a Problem

A complaint is a concern that a policy or procedure of the College has been incorrectly or unfairly applied, or a charge against a person's behavior. A student has recourse through complaint procedures. Students with general or grade complaints should begin the process by reviewing the student complaints page.

Step 5: Be aware of other responsibilities

Take responsibility for your learning: know and use resources such as free campus tutoring, advising and counseling services, disability services as needed; and choose the format of classes that best suit your learning style.

Life management skills include effective time management, financial management, self care, and academic skills. You are expected to seek help from instructors for academic support and student services personnel for these other areas as needed.

Finally, let us know how we can help! If you have questions, just ask.


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