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Using MyDegreePlan

MyDegreePlan is the College’s online degree audit and planning tool. You can use MyDegreePlan to determine how close you are to completing a degree, explore alternative degrees and certificates, and plan for future semesters.

The information below explains how to access and utilize MyDegreePlan to develop an educational plan for yourself.

Using MyDegreePlan

First, log in to MyPima, click on the Academics tab, go to the Academic Planning channel, and click on MyDegreePlan.

MyDegreePlan will open up and default to the major/program of study that you have listed on your student account. The green checkmarks show what requirements you have already completed; the red squares show what you still need to complete in order to graduate.

Scroll down through the screen to view your entire degree report. You'll see listed in each category of required courses which classes are being counted to meet the required courses needed, along with the grade earned and semester the class was taken. You'll again see a red square and a note in red text about any missing course requirements.

Continue to read through each area of degree requirements to review what is completed and what is still needed. Make sure that your GPA is at least 2.0, which is a graduation requirement. Also make sure that you print your plan for your records.

Now click on the What If option. You can choose to run a report for a different major other than what you have defaulted on your file, in order to compare missing requirements.

In addition, you may want to open the Planner, print it out, and write in the courses that you plan to take in a semester by semester sequence based on your previous plan(s). This allows you to "map out" what you will need to register for and when, and ultimately will show you when you can complete your requirements.

Completing these steps will help you develop your educational plan.


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