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Understanding General Education Requirements

PCC offers three direct employment degrees: AAS (Associate of Applied Science), AGS (Associate of General Studies), and AAA (Associate of Applied Arts) degrees. The information below explains how to look up general education requirements for these degrees, understand the categories of courses necessary to fulfill these requirements, choose which courses to take and how to make a plan, and follow up for more information.

(Woman in green T-shirt): Hi! Gen Ed requirements don't have to be confusing – I can explain them!

First, go to the Pima website to see the general education requirements for AAS, AGS, and AAA direct employment degrees.

There are 4 categories of courses for the general education requirements…

  1. Communication
  2. Analysis and Critical Thinking
  3. Humanities, Social Science, Leadership and Ethics
  4. Computer and Information Literacy

Next, go to MyDegreePlan in MyPima, under the Academics tab. In MyDegreePlan you can choose which courses to take from each category and make a plan of action.

If you have any questions about MyDegreePlan you can visit the Student Success module on MyDegreePlan.

You can also visit the Programs page on the PCC website for more information about specific programs or you can get general advising if necessary.

Finally, you may want to contact the campus where the program is housed for your area of interest regarding specific program or course information. That's it!


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