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AGEC - Arizona General Education Curriculum

PCC offers transfer degrees and certificates that enable students to complete their mandatory lower-level course requirements (AGEC) before transferring to a four-year college or university.

The guide below will help you identify the 3 pathways for the AGEC, understand the requirements for completing the AGEC certificate, and explain how to research university transfer options.

Guide to the AGEC Arizona General Education Curriculum

The three pathways for the AGEC are

Step 1

First, identify which pathway to follow by identifying the program of study you're interested in (there are some exceptions to these tips).

Contact a Student Services Center for advising services and to get a copy of the AGEC handout for the AGEC pathway you're following.

Step 2

Next, review the general education requirements for the AGEC.

Step 3

You can utilize your MyDegreePlan when in doubt about requirements. Go to MyPima > Academics > MyDegreePlan.

Step 4

Finally, research various options for university transfer using the following links:


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