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Selecting Classes

We highly recommend that you meet with an advisor, counselor or faculty member to determine the classes that will best fit your needs.

Learn more about advising and counseling services at PCC.

Educational Considerations

Consider what you wish to gain from each class you choose, as well as your readiness to take the course.

  • Do your assessment scores indicate you need classes in basic reading, writing and math?
  • Have you chosen a program of study or a major?
  • Do you want classes that help you achieve a job upgrade or career change?

Personal Considerations

Review your responsibilities and commitments outside of the classroom and assess how they will impact your ability to attend and study for classes.

  • Will you attend college full-time or part-time? How will it fit into time for other obligations?
  • Will you have enough time to prepare for each class? You'll study at least two hours per week for one credit.
  • Are you caring for others, such as children or parents?
  • Are you working part- or full-time?