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Tips for Student Success

Succeeding and thriving in your college environment involves more than just taking classes. The support of friends and mentors that grows from full immersion in your college experience is invaluable.

Your PCC learning experience can provide you with the tools to succeed in your chosen profession and the tools to succeed in life. It offers opportunities to develop the whole person and expand horizons in a wide variety of ways -- socially, culturally, philosophically, physically and intellectually. So jump in with both feet!

Connect With Other Students

Participate in Learning

  • Read the syllabus for each of your classes.
  • Visit your instructors during office hours.
  • Speak up in class.
  • Practice asking at least one question every week.
  • Get involved in class discussions.
  • Take classes with different learning or teaching formats.
  • Sharpen your study skills.
  • Supplement your learning with telecourses on cable television, internet resources and library material.

Create Support Systems

  • Read materials, take workshops or check out online articles about time management, money management, relaxation and other personal success skills.
  • Form or participate in informal study groups.
  • Take full advantage of help from advisors and counselors by interacting frequently.
  • Take Student Success courses.

Fulfill College Responsibilities

  • Read the Academic Calendar and the Class Schedules for important dates and deadlines.
  • Pay for classes on time.
  • Drop unwanted classes in time to get a refund -- within two weeks of the start of classes.
  • Understand that "withdrawing" from a class is not the same as "dropping" it. If you wait until after the drop/refund deadline and before mid-semester to withdraw from a class, you will get a W grade, no refund and possible consequences to your financial aid status.
  • Talk with an advisor or counselor if it becomes difficult to complete courses on time.
  • Know the Student Code of Conduct and Student Complaint Process.