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How College Works

Your education is in your hands. You decide what classes to take, when and how to study, how well you will learn in your classes and where you want your education at PCC to take you.

Below we offer some valuable advice on how you can start to make those important decisions and who to contact if you need more guidance.

Determine Your Style of Learning

Everyone learns differently. To do well in your classes, it is important to know your optimum learning style, so ask yourself the following questions.

  • In what ways do I process and retain information most successfully? What techniques have worked best for me in the past -- visual aids, lecture classes, reading assignments, interactive instruction and so on?
  • What are the best times for me to take classes and study?
  • What is my level of self-motivation and how independent am I at studying?

Match Your Classes with Your Learning Style

Now that you have determined your learning style, match your choice of classes with it by asking which instructors use teaching methods that best accommodate my style of learning?

  • are the classes I find difficult offered at the time of day when I am the most alert?
  • do I procrastinate? If so, self-paced classes or telecourses might not be right for me.

Assess Your Success

To gage your progress during the first two weeks of classes, while you can drop a class and still get a refund, answer these questions.

  • Are these classes working well for me?
  • Am I absorbing the concepts and materials as they are presented?
  • Do I have enough time to complete all the assignments?
  • If the teaching method used in one of my classes does not match my learning style, should I change to a class or instructor offering a different teaching method?

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