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Earning Your Degree

Earning a degree at PCC is an effective and economical way to prepare for your future, be it a career or further study at a four-year college or university.

Like all quality educational institutions, every occupational and transfer program at PCC requires specific courses that you must take, often in a specific sequence, in order to earn a degree or certificate.

Types of Degree Programs

There are three types of degree programs and transfer programs at PCC.

Occupational Programs, which can be completed in their entirety at PCC, help you gain employment or improve your promotion potential. These include an

  • associate of applied arts degree (AAA).
  • associate of applied science degree (AAS) or a certificate that proves a certain level of training.

Transfer Programs and Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) are designed to prepare you to continue your education at a four-year college or university. They meet admission and general education requirements for Arizona's three state universities. They also may be transferrable to institutions that are not part of the Arizona state-university system. Taken with additional courses, they can earn you an

  • associate of arts degree (AA).
  • associate of science degree (AS).
  • associate of business administration degree (ABUS).

They often fulfill half the requirements of a bachelor's degree.

Associate of General Studies (AGS) is a uniquely designed degree that you arrange with an advisor or counselor.

Degree Requirements

Earning a degree at PCC indicates to a future college or employer that you possess college-level proficiency in reading, writing and math. Additionally, certain courses in degree programs at PCC build upon knowledge gained in previous courses or learning experiences.

  • General Education Reading: Score above REA 091 Reading Improvement II on the reading assessment or complete the course.
  • Prerequisites: Specific courses or knowledge you must have before enrolling in other courses. Find them in course descriptions.
  • College Preparation Courses: Reading, writing and math courses you need if you didn't adequately pass on the assessments.

Degree Elements

Your degree at PCC not only prepares you for your future in a career or for additional education at a university, it also enhances your knowledge of the world around you. It provides you with

  • general education courses for a well-rounded education.
  • core or major courses for proficiency in a field of study.
  • support or elective courses to enhance knowledge of a major.

Towards Graduation

From your first day at PCC to graduation, we urge you to use your instructors and our advisors and counselors to chart your educational course and efficiently reach your graduation goals.

  • An advisor can help you create a personal Pima Education Plan, a semester-by-semester course of study.
  • Check with advisors, counselors, program faculty and department chairs for graduation and degree requirements.
  • Complete and submit a formal application for graduation in order to get your degree or certificate.