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Special Programs

Your special interest requires some special attention. We'll guide you through the different or additional admissions procedures and requirements for these programs and services.

Noncredit Classes

When you register for a noncredit class you are automatically admitted as a noncredit student. No admissions form is required. Find details at Noncredit Courses & Workshops.

International Students

International Student website provide information and step-by-step guidance on forms and requirements for students coming from another country to study at Pima.

Online Education Students

Admission to online programs is the same as it is for in-person coursework. Learn more about Pima's online education offerings and tips on how to succeed in this flexible style of education.

Transfer Students

  • You should complete the regular admissions process.
  • Orientation is recommended, but not required if you have attended other colleges or universities.
  • Assessment testing may be waived if you have successfully completed college-level English and mathematics courses.
  • You should bring all educational records to your advising session for evaluation.
  • Learn more about how to transfer credits to PCC.
  • Transfer your financial aid to Pima by adding our school code (007266) to your FAFSA and cancelling your aid with your previous school.

Specific Academic Programs

Some specific academic programs, such as many of the Health Related Professions, have special admission requirements. Consult the program displays, College Catalog or contact any Student Services Center for information about programs that interest you.

Pima Community College Adult Education (PCCAE)

You do not need to complete the regular admissions form to register for PCCAE classes, including High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation and community programs.