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General Education Mobile (GEM)

Air Force students:

Complete your 15-hour Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) General Education Course requirement online through Pima Community College and the General Education Mobile program (GEM).

What is GEM?

The GEM program facilitates your completing the CCAF General Education Course requirements through online instruction.  This program, sponsored by CCAF, makes it easy for you to quickly complete your requirements at the same institution.  Courses are offered in the 5 CCAF general education areas: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Pima's GEM Plan

You must complete 1 course in each category to fulfill your 15 credit general education requirement.  Click on the links below to learn more about each course and access the online class schedules.  For online courses, select a CRN that is marked "Taught Online".

Pima courses are offered in a variety of term lengths including 5-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-weeks.  Check the class schedules for more information.

CCAF General
Education Category
PCC Course
Oral Communication 3 CMN 110:  Public Speaking
Written Communication 3 WRT 101:  English Composition I
3 WRT 102:  English Composition II
4 MAT 151:  College Algebra
Social Science 3 ECN 201:  Microeconomic Principles
3 HIS 101:  Introduction to Western Civilization I
3 HIS 141:  History of the United States I
3 PSY 101:  Introduction to Psychology
3 SOC 101:  Introduction to Sociology
Humanities 3 ART 105:  Exploring Art and Visual Studies
3 MUS 151:  Exploring Music
3 PHI 101:  Introduction to Philosophy
3 REL 200:  Religion in Popular Culture
4 SPA 101:  Elementary Spanish

Note:  Some courses require assessment test scores prior to registration.  These tests may be proctored at a location near you.  Please contact the Community Campus Assessment and Testing Center at (520) 206-6454 or email  to arrange a proctored assessment test.

Getting Started

Pima makes it easy to get started!  

  • Apply online
  • If this is your first time in college, attend an online new student orientation.  Other students will also benefit from an orientation to Pima's services, processes and support resources.
  • Activate your MyPima account
  • View the online class schedules from the link in MyPima or use the links above
  • Register for your classes online in MyPima
  • Complete your Tuition Assistance (TA) application within the AFVEC GEM search plan.

Online Student Services

Pima provides access to numerous online student support systems.  Log in to MyPima to register for classes, find your schedule, find required textbooks, order textbooks online, access library resources, and more.

MyPima also provides access to your online courses by linking to D2L, the College online learning system.  You will use D2L to access your online course material, submit assignments, access grades and communicate with your instructors and classmates. 

24x7 online and telephone support is available for technical problems with MyPima and D2L through the MyPima Help Desk.