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When you give an endowment you invest in the future of Pima, creating a legacy of your commitment to higher education through support of programs or scholarships.

Your endowment gift of $10,000 or more is invested by the Foundation and the principal is never spent. The annual return on your investment is used to support the scholarships or programs you designate.

You determine

  • how you will fund the endowment
  • the name and use of the endowment
  • the criteria for award if the endowment is designated for scholarships.

How Does an Endowment Work?

Your gift is invested and managed by the Foundation's Investment Committee. The committee's goal is a balanced portfolio for optimal return and a stable source of long-term funding.

Annually four percent of a fund’s market value is paid out to support the designated scholarship or program. After the payout and fees, the remaining return is reinvested to allow the endowment to grow over time.

Contact the Foundation for more information about establishing a permanent endowment fund. Create a legacy at Pima.