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Transfer Students

Notify the International Student Service Office as soon as possible if you are transferring to Pima Community College or to another college or university so that we can help you complete the transfer on time.

You can transfer to another SEVIS approved school if you are maintaining status. However, you may jeopardize your student status and become ineligible for F-1 benefits if you fail to have your new Form I-20 processed for transfer. You must present your new Form I-20 to your new school within 15 days of the program's start date listed on the new Form I-20.

If you are an F-1 student who is not pursuing a full course of study at the school you were last authorized to attend, you

  • cannot get a school transfer.
  • must apply for reinstatement or depart the United States and return as an initial entry with a new F-1 non-immigrant status.

You cannot remain in the United States when transferring between schools or programs except under these conditions:

If You're Maintaining Status
Classes at the school or program to which you're transferring start within five months (use the earliest date) of either the

  • completion date on your current I-20.
  • transfer release date.

If You Have Optional Practical Training (OPT)
You can resume classes within five months (use the earliest date) of either the

  • date you transfer out of the school that recommended OPT.
  • date the OPT authorization ends.