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PCC Police Department

PCC makes every effort to provide a safe and secure environment so that you can concentrate on your educational and professional goals.

We have our own PCC Police Department staffed by 30 police officers and additional security personnel. You can call Pima's Police Dept. for assistance at any time of the day or night on all of our campuses, centers and other sites.

The PCC Police Department has

  • offices on all campuses.
  • a 24/7 communication system that fields emergency and assistance calls around the clock.
  • campus phones that provide direct contact with the department in an emergency.
  • a bicycle patrol unit.
  • civilian community service officers who provide a constant, visible presence.

Public Safety Activity

The annual PCC Security & Fire Safety Report and Drug-Free Campus Notification (Clery Report) show the number of incidents the department has responded to over the past several years along with other information. 

Campus Alert / Campus Watch

PCC posts notifications of potential or urgent emergency activity occurring on or near PCC campuses involving such issues as safety, crime, health or hazardous weather.

Crime Prevention

You can find information compiled by the department on how to protect yourself from certain crimes.

Medical Emergencies

The department provides first aid and coordinates responses with other agencies such as the fire department and paramedics.

Crisis Help

If you need help coping with a personal crisis or a difficult situation, we urge you to reach out. PCC has a variety of services that range from on-campus counselors to referrals to community resources for suicide prevention, substance abuse and living assistance.